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Case Studies

ESP Delivers, LLC provides businesses large and small with expert service, every time. Review our case studies below for more details.

Princeton Brain and Spine Care

Services: Hosted Business Class VoIP

Princeton Brain & Spine Care Surgeons and Staff believe in expert, compassionate care. They are passionate about their patients. They believe that knowledge is power and patients are people. With that understood, we at ESP Delivers, LLC (ESP) were happy to add Princeton Brain & Spine to our ever growing clientele list. ESP upgraded, installed and support Princeton Brain & Spine’s network in all 5 of their locations.

We understood the importance an institution such as this one has to keep communications with their patients and within their network.

Wind River Holdings, L.P.

Services: Hosted Business Class VoIP

Wind River Holdings had a reliable older system serving their basic needs, but it lacked the advanced services they wanted and there was the risk that parts would not be available for the outdated system when future repairs would be necessary. ESP Delivers, LLC stepped in and migrated their entire telecommunications platform to their Hosted PBX solution.

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Lindy Property Management

Services: Hosted Business Class VoIP

We at ESP Delivers, LLC were tasked with making sure any trouble calls or general questions can get to the proper departments with minimal effort on the resident’s end at Lindy Properties. The Lindy family mission is to deliver exceptional housing value. For more than 75 years, they have remained dedicated to providing comfort and convenience to those who come “home” to a Lindy Community. We succeeded by installing a quality PBX system that will allow the entire community to work seamlessly with each location while having the ability to control their own localized billing.

Goddard Systems Inc

Services: Hosted Business Class VoIP, Nation Wide Carrier Services

Goddard Systems was seeking a simplification of their telecommunications services when they decided to contact ESP Delivers, LLC for assistance. With more than 350 schools across the country, they spent valuable time dealing with 17 different telecommunications providers and a voicemail system in the need of an upgrade, instead of time expanding their education system.

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Resources for Human Development

Services: Hybrid Hosted Business Class PBX and SIP Trunking

Resources for Human Development (RHD) is nationwide, non-profit organization providing a wide range of human services to the most vulnerable members of our society. With more than 200 locations nationwide their telecommunication and internet costs were enormous.  They needed a reliable telecommunication solution for less than they were currently paying to Verizon.

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APEX Physical Therapy Clinic

Services: Hosted Business Class PBX

APEX Physical Therapy Clinic is Philadelphia region’s premier provider of out-patient physical therapy with over 28 clinics and growing.  When Apex came to ESP they had basic, single line, wired phones in their clinics.  The solution they had was too limited and expensive for their needs.  They needed a solution that would tie all 28 locations together, expand functionality and lower costs.

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Saunders House + Bryn Mawr Terrace

Services: Hosted Business Class PBX, SIP Trunking

Saunders House and Bryn Mawr Terrace are senior care facilities operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  They are located in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  They needed a technology upgrade to help them tie their facility’s telecommunications together, manage a high volume of incoming calls, and provide each of the 500 resident phones a separate line without spending a lot of money.

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