ESP welcomes Bucks County Orthodontics

Dr. Welsh and his team at Bucks County Orthodontics run a very successful, state of the art, orthodontia practice in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.  Dr. Welsh sought out ESP Delivers to help his practice manage their volume of calls.  During periods of high call volume, incoming calls would sometimes become bottle necked.  The bottlenecks would create increased wait times for patients and demand enormous attention from the office managers.  To help alleviate pressure on the staff and increase the practice’s ability to meet the needs of their clients Bucks County Orthodontics employed ESP’s Hosted VoIP solution.

With ESP’s Hosted VoIP many tasks previously handled manually by the staff are now automated.  Clients can set appointments, cancel appointments and pay bills by phone and without assistance from office managers.  Incoming calls are handled differently based on customized time frames.  Auto-attendants manage and route calls to specific people without manual assistance.  Within the office, if a patient or staff member needs to be found, all phones in the office serve as inter-office paging devices.  Should a power outage occur, all calls are automatically rerouted.

With Hosted VoIP Bucks County Orthodontics now has a cost-effective, efficient, state of the art, telecommunications system.  ESP’s solution reduces client wait times and manual call handling demands while increasing client satisfaction and office efficiency. Once again ESP delivers with VoIP done right.

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