ESP Welcomes the Philadelphia Trial Lawyer Association as its Newest Client

ESP Delivers, LLC believes each new customer acquisition begins with a story and ends with a problem solved.

ESP Delivers is proud to welcome the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association (PTLA) as its newest client.  Since 1959 the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association, has been supporting attorneys and dedicating itself to the preservation of the American legal system.  After many decades at their South Broad Street location the time finally arrived for the Association to relocate to another building within Philadelphia.  With an upcoming move, and with time being of the essence, they chose ESP’s VoIP solution for their telecom needs.

ESP’s VoIP solution gives clients complete control over when phone calls can be made and received at a new location.  Unlike traditional telecom solutions, VoIP clients do not need to wait for a technician to activate the system.  With ESP calls are never be lost due to geographic changes such as switching offices, changing office buildings or even moving to another state.

Our goal for the Philadelphia Trial Lawyer Association is complete satisfaction.  With the potential to offer our services to the Association’s numerous law firms and members in the city of Philadelphia, ESP Delivers will utilize its vast array of proprietary network and technological resources to ensure sure the Association’s telecommunications move to the new location will be a seamless one.

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