Success is sometimes measured in the relationships you attain along the way.

At ESP Delivers, LLC (ESP), we realize that a strong business model consists of a knowledgeable staff, good leadership, and every once in a while a partnerships with smart, successful companies. Telecomm Strategies has assisted us in procuring successful client accounts as well as becoming a client of ESP themselves.

Telecom Strategies, LLC is an independent voice and data consultant. They are agents for a wide variety of telecommunications companies spanning the equipment, carrier and hosted sectors of the marketplace. Their job is to find the best telecommunications solution for their clients. Their services are at no cost to them, allowing them to penetrate all levels of the marketplace. Telecom Strategies put their confidence in ESP to provide prospective clients with top notch service and in response we are returning the favor by offering the satisfaction that their clients are in good hands with a great phone system.

“Telecom Strategies is currently using the services of ESP Delivers, LLC as our hosted phone service. We have tried others and have chosen ESP Delivers, LLC as our vendor of choice. The reliability and features places them above the rest. The transfer to their services went without a hitch. There was virtually no service outage. In addition, they pointed out that we weren’t receiving the full advantage of our FIOS service because of an internal problem. They resolved it for us, nearly tripling the speed previously attained on in house computers. We have full faith in their reliability and response capabilities. “ – Michael Rogin, Telecom Strategies

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