La-Z-Boy galleries in Brick and Monmouth Junction link remote sites with ESP Delivers, LLC Hosted PBX.

When La-Z-Boy brought on actress Brooke Shields as a spokesperson for the company, they were sending a clear message that the La-Z-Boy brand was being tied to a fashion-forward aesthetic.

This month the La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery in Brick, New Jersey decided it wanted to tie itself to something, to—its sister store in Monmouth Junction. Located about 40 miles apart, the two stores wanted a phone system that would let them pool resources and create a unified storefront to customers.  The store in Brick, located next to some of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy, was also looking for a phone system that offered redundancy in the face of natural disasters.

ESP Delivers, LLC designed a solution that fit both sites.  “We installed a Hosted PBX that links the two stores through extension-only dialing,” says Derek Amoroso, CEO of ESP Delivers, LLC. “The new PBX also lets the two stores pool the line allocation, scaling to meet demand as needed.”

The Hosted PBX system offers redundancy and disaster preparedness as well.  Redundant servers are housed in state-of-the-art co-location facilities, so the system can be “always on.” And if personnel can’t get to the store, system administrators can simply log on to the web based portal and redirect the calls—keeping the store tied to its customers, as well as each other.

“With all of the storms that have blown through our area in the past year, we’ve learned how crucial continued connectivity is,” says Geoff Litwer, who consults for the galleries.  “Our Hosted PBX from ESP Delivers, LLC keeps that connection up and running—letting us focus on the La-Z-Boy mission of living life more comfortably.”

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