Northeast Executive Abstract Recovers from Flood With ESP Delivers, LLC Technology

ESP Delivers, LLC Responded to Disaster in Less Than 24 Hours to Get Firm Up and Running

PHILADELPHIA – October 10, 2012 – When the flood hit, the team at Northeast Executive Abstract instantly thought about recovery and how to decrease the downtime and loss of income for the firm and their staff members. ESP Delivers, LLC, a leading nationwide provider of business telecommunications and managed information technology (IT) services, answered the call and within 24 hours was working to get the company up and running again.

“After the flood, time was of the essence to get Northeast Executive Abstract up and running again,” said ESP Delivers, LLC Chief Executive Officer Derek Amoroso. “We were their telecommunications provider but also offered our managed IT services to get the company open again.”

Ultimately, ESP Delivers, LLC was awarded the managed IT contract based on the excellence they delivered on the telecommunications service.

“We went from having just five percent of their communications business to now having 100 percent,” Amoroso said. “Because we delivered on the customer service for their phones, they trusted us to professionally handle their managed IT services in their time of need. Again, we delivered and exceeded their expectations.”

ESP Delivers, LLC believes that being there for their customers is not only the way business should be done, but it also often results in more business.

“We believe in being a strategic partner to our customers not only by providing great technology, functionality and cost savings, but also by being there when it really matters,” Amoroso said. “We can offer better customer service and cost savings to the partner by being a one stop solution for all of their communications services.”

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