Pace Orthopedics Selects ESP Delivers, LLC Hosted VoIP to Enhance Customer Service Response

New System Enables Remote Access, Handheld Voicemail and Advanced Intercom Service 

PHILADELPHIA – October 4, 2012 – The medical staff at Pace Orthopedics are about to see their communications and customer service become even better. The company recently selected ESP Delivers, LLC to deploy a new hosted VoIP technology that will enhance response time and customer service functionality for the firm’s medical professionals.

“They wanted to replace their old telecommunications system with a technology that had less headaches and more functionality so that they could provide even better service to their patients,” said ESP Delivers, LLC Chief Executive Officer Derek Amoroso. “They evaluated many providers, but in the end we were able to provide them with a robust system that provided them the best of both worlds.”

The new hosted VoIP technology solved their headaches because it involves minimal equipment installation and easy maintenance. In fact, because ESP Delivers, LLC handles the hosting of the network, there is practically no equipment to maintain on-site at the practice.

Pace Orthopedics also gained a full suite of new services to better serve their patients. First, the medical professionals can now enjoy remote access to the telecommunications system to be able to check voicemail and other information. Second, the voicemail is now conveniently sent to the doctor’s handheld device ensuring a quicker and better response for patient needs. Last, the entire hosted platform is scalable ensuring that when Pace Orthopedics expands beyond its two current locations in Somers Point and  Cape May Courthouse, N.J., the system will seamlessly grow with their needs.

“There are great technology benefits that come with the ESP Delivers, LLC hosted VoIP solution,” Amoroso said. “But one of the best benefits is that it is affordable and often saves companies money.”

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