ESP Delivers, LLC Connects Abington Township Parks and Rec Department to Community with new Hosted PBX System

ESP Delivers, LLC Connects Abington Township Parks and Rec Department to Community with new Hosted PBX System


New Telecommunications Technology Provides Better Customer Service at a Lower Cost

 PHILADELPHIA – February 17, 2012 – ESP Delivers, LLC, a leading nationwide provider of  telecommunications and managed information technology (IT) services, has completed the installation of a brand new Hosted PBX solution for Abington Township, Penn. that will enable the government agency to lower costs and provide better service to its citizens.

“Our hosted PBX technology is a perfect solution for government agencies looking to provide better service to their constituents while also saving them money in the process,” said ESP Delivers, LLC Chief Executive Officer Derek Amoroso. “Unfortunately, many government offices suffer from outdated technology that is constantly in need of repair. Our hosted PBX technology simplifies the entire process making it easier and more convenient for citizens to get the important community services they need.”

The Parks and Rec department of Abington Township was working with an old switchboard style system that was prone to constant repair. It had high costs for usage and didn’t even have a voicemail option for its citizens to leave messages after hours.

“The system was truly in need of replacement both to provide better service and to reduce costs for the department,” Amoroso said. “They selected a state-of-the-art hosted PBX technology that allows the Parks and Rec department the ability to deploy the services their customers need with an easy to use online portal.”

Now the more than 55,000 residents of Montgomery County’s oldest township can enjoy the wide selection of Parks and Rec services available to them.

“Our technology improves the quality of life for Abington Township residents,” Amoroso said. “Now they can enjoy their fitness, recreation and community services while the government agency enjoys lower costs and added key functionality.”

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