The Direct Connection with Derek Amoroso

Some Insights from the ESP Delivers, LLC Chief Executive

King of Prussia – July 28, 2010 – We recently sat down with ESP Delivers, LLC Chief Executive Officer Derek Amoroso to get some valuable insights on leadership, technology and what he feels is the future of telecommunications services.

So Derek, let’s get right to the hard questions. What do you think is the future of the telecommunications industry?

Amoroso: I really feel there will be and influx of players in the industry in a few years as VoIP technology truly becomes commoditized. There will be an equal playing field with the large telecom providers, but it will all come down to who can deploy services better quicker faster. I envision competition driving margins down which makes it very important for the providers who want to stay in the game for the long term to own their own infrastructure with very little debt. The reseller model will fade away and weed out the men from the boys in the VoIP world. This trend was extremely obvious and became exposed when local services deregulated and local resellers flooded the marketplace only to see their level of control and profitability fade away.

Wow, so what is that going to mean for the business customer?

Amoroso: Well, first and foremost it will create confusion for the business consumer on which provider to select but also opportunity for the truly consultative tenured salespeople in the marketplace.

So what does this mean for ESP Delivers, LLC?

Amoroso: Well, we approach the business entirely different. We know who our customers are. We’ve stayed small on purpose and focused on low overhead, low debt ratios and high profitability models. We also believe in charging for our services and not giving away our quality service and products to gain market share. Not every potential customer becomes my customer and I teach my people to be thorough during the prospecting phase.

So how did you position the company in advance for the shakeout in the industry?

Amoroso: I bring a strong telecom industry background to our ten-year-old company that is based on revenue results. In the past, I noticed that businesses needed flexibility with their telecom services, not the cookie cutter solutions that some providers try to dump on the marketplace.

So tell me a little bit about your leadership style?

Amoroso: I’m a highly competitive person by nature but I think you lead by example. The example I like to set is to simply bring in highly profitable measurable revenue results.
Your business dies when you’re not finding new customers and he or she who services them best post sale wins the game.

Any advice for those entrepreneurs out there?

Amoroso: You will encounter street fights in business like any other competition. It’s critical you enter the fight with focus and don’t stop punching until you are pulled off the pile.

I bet you face a lot of stress in your role and I don’t see you on the golf course relaxing. What do you do to keep a competitive edge?

Amoroso: (chuckling) I run 50 miles per week and stay hungry and scared.

Derek, thank you for your time. We appreciate your candid answers.

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