Case Studies

Expert Service Providers provides businesses large and small with expert service, every time. Review our case studies below for more details.

Goddard Systems Inc

Company: Goddard Systems Inc

Services: Hosted Business Class VoIP, Nation Wide Carrier Services

Goddard Systems was seeking a simplification of their telecommunications services when they decided to contact Expert Service Providers for assistance. With more than 350 schools across the country, they spent valuable time dealing with 17 different telecommunications providers and a voicemail system in the need of an upgrade, instead of time expanding their education system….

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Apple Press LTD

Company: Apple Press LTD

Services: Managed IT Services, Nation Wide Carrier Services

Technology is the backbone for the modern commercial printer, and when Exton, Pa.-based Apple Press needed a reliable managed information technology service partner, they instantly looked no further than Expert Service Providers.;“We are a 24 hour operation and a small computer glitch could mean a complete shutdown for me,” said Apple Press Vice President John Strong. “Zero downtime is absolutely essential for me.”

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Brick Bodies & Planet Fitness

Company: Brick Bodies & Planet Fitness

Services: Hosted Business Class VoIP

With more than 150 users spread out across ten different physical locations across Maryland, Baltimore-based Brick Bodies and Planet Fitness health clubs needed a cost effective voice communications solution that was scalable with their rapidly expanding company. Expert Service Providers delivered Brick Bodies and Planet Fitness a Voice over IP solution that simplified the feature set for the company.  Because it was also delivered over the network, it also allowed the company the simplicity of dialing extension instead of full numbers to reach its offices as well as the ability to record calls, easily communicate messages to all employees and even customize on-hold messaging.

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Children of America

Company: Children of America

Services: Nation Wide Carrier Services

Children of America, a Delray Beach, Florida-based provider of early childhood centers across the Northeast and Midwest, came to Expert Service Providers to find an affordable comprehensive solution for their Internet and dialtone services. With 35 centers across the country, they also needed an easily scalable solution that was complementary to their expansion efforts….

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Wind River Holdings, L.P.

Company: Wind River Holdings, L.P.

Services: Hosted Business Class VoIP

Wind River Holdings had a reliable older system serving their basic needs, but it lacked the advanced services they wanted and there was the risk that parts would not be available for the outdated system when future repairs would be necessary. Expert Service Providers stepped in and migrated their entire telecommunications platform to their Hosted PBX solution.

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